Friday, August 22, 2014

I don't make scarves... the singles!
These are my most recent...
1 Scarf...
Pattern: Tradition into Creation by Jacqui Barber
Thread: Bohemian Autumn
 2 Scarves...
Pattern: Winter 2007 Australian Lace Magazine...cannot find the issue atm, and don't recall the designers name, so sorry.
Thread: Misty Alpaca
 3 Scarves...
Pattern: Torchon Explore by Ulrike Voelcker
Thread: Thai silk from local supplier Fibres and Threads
 Closer view of the latest...
Although there are more scarves, I have either already posted or given them away before I took a 'completed' pic, so here is 1 setting of the Hardanger work complete.
The table centre is almost finished, so only a placemat, serviette, serviette ring and coaster to go.
Back to the stuff I should be doing now...
Please enjoy, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts :)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Productive times

The scarf is progressing nicely, with some safely rolled away on the roller.
 While working this section, I realised that the only bobbins I had never used in my collection are now in use!!  Yay! 
I have a pair of rather heavy brass bobbins, (the one with the coloured thread) that I am alternating with the new thread.  They have always been too heavy to play with the other bobbins, so I had avoided them.  For this project, they work rather well.
There is also a single aluminium bobbin on the left hand side that had not been on a pillow at my place.  Several friends swear by them, but I find it cold to the touch, and had always passed it over.
Also in this shot (just) is the pair of bobbins with a pink ceramic joiner, a gift from a Gumnut.  The bobbins arrived broken from their journey, so I repaired them with the ceramic glue used to put final details on my dolls.  They are working perfectly and remind me of my Australian friends each time they pass my fingers.
 And here is a new batch of beads ready for the kiln.  Dear Step Son is visiting today and will take them to Burnie for me.  I hope to make the trip with Colin in a couple of weeks time to collect them...
The pin toppers (ladybirds, flowers, turtles and hedgehogs and the cotton reel were all made before Colin collapsed.  the rest have been made this week to fill the tin.
Thanks for taking the time to read this far, stay safe, happy and healthy.  Hugs,

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Some bobbin lace PHD's

 First of all, here is the next lace for a porcelain doll...slow progress, but a little every now and then...have to find/design another piece to complete the doll, so still a long way to go before a doll will be seen.  This is Bucks Point in Finca 80...wide design by Heather Billington, narrow one from Pamela Notingham's Intro to Bucks book I think.
 Here is the 2nd piece from the workshop I was participating in when Colin collapsed.  I completed the 1st repeat at the workshop and most of the rest of this one was done at Colin's hospital bedside during his 2nd stay in Hobart.  The thread is Lizbeth 80...have no idea why I would buy this colour in the first place, but love it in this piece.  The designer is Ethel Zuccolotto.
My 3rd piece was started yesterday.  The pattern is from the Ulrike Voelcker Torchon series, done in Thai silk from a supplier here in Tassie.  The scarf will be for Colin's daughter...maybe for Christmas...
up close...
Finally, after our recent trip to visit Colin's surgeon, we decided to stay over and visit Mona Museum...I found out about this cement truck from a friend in Estonia on I have seen it for real!!
The detail is simply amazing, and it smells much better than one of the artist's other instalments at the museum!!

 Hugs to all, may your pins never bend and your threads never break, so that you can make the most of every moment life has to offer!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Some news and needlelace

First of all, here is the lace I have been working on lately...Hardanger is new to me, but I must admit I love this...

 The supervisor is loving the lamp and my knee!

 And finally the 1st placemat is finished!
This is the first of a 9 piece table setting...a table centre, 2 placemats, 2 serviettes, 2 serviette rings and 2 coasters....
And the news- Sadly, Colin's cancer has returned so posts will probably be very few and far between for a while.  The treatment is almost over, but the prognosis is not all that great...we are clinging to hope and prayers.
Warmest of hugs to my blog friends.  Stay safe and enjoy every day!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Some lace at last!

But first, let's take a peek at what is happening in the shed! 
This is what Colin has been playing with over the past few months :)
This machine does not like straight driving and I must admit, it is a lot of fun...
 I have finally sorted my new 4 jaw chuck, upped the revs on my lathe (although still a ways to go according to the bobbin experts) and had a play today.
I think the wood is Blackwood...lovely and dark!  The smallish blanks were given to me a couple of years ago, but the first piece just turned away to nothing, so I put the rest away.
These are traveller sized bobbins and will look great on my travel pillow...another pair to make, then I can get on with some requests!
And I have also been busy with the beads!
Some of these ones are spoken for, and I still have 1 more request to play is in the too hard basket at the moment, but over the weekend, I will give it 1 more try!
Once they are fired, some of these beads will become divider pins, some will adorn key rings and a few may even wind up as spangles!
 Ok, is the promised lace :)
The pattern was published a few years ago in Australian Lace...
The yarn is Misty Alpaca...
The lace was started by a retired lace maker, and I "inherited" it at the is making some good progress, but I really need to get back to the 'other' piece!
 Thanks for stopping by, warm hugs :)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Doll update

Although I have been busy making beads, bobbins and lace, there is not much to share in that department at the moment...
Here is an update on Heidi, the milk maid...
Fired and glazed she is making progress and looks better that the previous effort...
 I'm still not that keen on the dip and strip method...much prefer lace!
 As I am the only student at the moment, I have been working on doll number 5 at the same time.
 This elegant lady has been a real challenge, but my teacher is rather impressed....
Soooooooo much to learn and soooo little time!
She is in the kiln, ready to be fired, so next visit will see the colour and time to pick a name!
 Heidi has her first coat of paint...still want to add some Mother of Pearl lustre before she is fired again, but she is starting to come to life :) 
I do promise that lace is progressing well...after a misfortunate run in with the scissors!
I have the bobbins wound for several projects, but finding the time to play with the bobbins these days is a little more tricky that it used to be.
Hugs to all...and thanks for stopping by :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Catching up

First things first!  This spider has made her home at my daughter's front she wants to know what kind if spider and is it a nasty?  We live in Northern Tasmania, and she is near the bush.
 Doll number 4 is making progress.  All I need to do is add some lace to tidy up the shoulder then she will be ready to fire :)  Working in the heat yesterday was not much fun, so I hope she fires ok.  I did not make the lace for this one...but I am working on the lace for 1 down the track...
 I found this style of sleeve a real challenge, but the rest has been a lot of fun...I just hope the fabric sections work better this time!
 My gorgeous grandson starts big school this week.  Last week, we went shopping for his little brother's birthday and discovered that drink spiders are very yummy, and he is the perfect gentleman (only when he goes out with grandma though!  This pirate is his home id LOL).
His mum asked about a library bag, and when I told her I had bought some fabric ages ago, I was asked to make a library bag :)  The back is the same as the edge fabric! Hope he likes it LOL
 Finally, we have been discussing bobbins on the Australian Email ring I am a member of.
I promise some pics, so here they are...
These are all my own bobbins, spangled with my own beads.  There is Huon pine, Blackwood, Jarrah, Tas Hardwood and Silky oak.  My first bobbin (and bead) is the Huon pine bobbin 7th from the right on the bottom row...the yellow bead was the first bead I made.
 Here are some more of my own bobbins, but they do not have my beads on them as yet.
Colin made me the very top left is the only bobbin he has made, and calls it a cricket bat.  I made the one on the right to go with it and the pair make the best ever gimp bobbins.
These are my bead tile bobbins.  The top 4 bobbins were made by David Potter, a Tasmanian bobbin maker.  I made the bottom 4 bobbins.  The very top pair have the first tiles I made with the teacher.
I designed the other sets of tiles.
 Here are the other tiles, ready for the bobbins...when I get around to making/purchasing them...
The teacher provided the patterns for the top row and the pair on the right of the 2nd row. 
The rest are my designs...including the special ones to celebrate my engagement in February last year :)
 And here is a size comparison for you :)
If you have made it this far, thank you for stopping by.  I hope your neck of the woods is fair weather (or lots of lovely lace time) and good health...please drop a comment in the box before you go as I love to see what you think too.
Hugs til next time...may your threads never break and your pins never bend...