Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Starts and finishes

Here are the bobbins from Christmas time, finally spangled and ready to use.
The first pair are handmade, with a beaded ring, next are the 10th anniversary Gumnut bobbins, next, my Christmas gift to me from Acorn Bobbins and the final 3 pairs are the last of my bobbin of the month plain bone bobbins from Acorn Bobbins.
 Here is my latest project, coming along very nicely.  The bobbins are all my beginners, some painted, some stained, some with thread wrapping and some are left plain.  the thread is 60/2 linen with a splash of 40/2 linen colour and the pattern is from Torchon Lace by Else Marie Bjerregaard.  It will be a house warming gift for Colin's son and daughter in law when finished.
 Here is my completed hardanger setting...hmmmm just noticed the camera date is still out - I took the pictures today!  Although it has been finished for a while now, just had to get the camera out.
 This is what the table will look like when I find a night without the boarders to have our romantic meal...thinking roast lamb with fresh garden beans, cauliflower and carrots and roasted potatoes, with my self saucing chocolate pudding and ice cream for dessert....All Colin's favourites LOL
Last night I finally got my tatting box out and sorted through the knots, threads, bits of tatting and jumble of shuttles.  I think it is time to get a couple of PHDs out and start tatting again!
I hope 2015 is everything you wish it to be, and look forward to hearing from my blogging friends often :)

Monday, November 24, 2014

A little creative flare

With all our spare time, and a little healing, the creativity has finally visited our house again.
Colin has become well enough to play in the shed for a couple of hours at a time.
Although things that used to be second nature are now a big struggle, he has managed to construct this "surprise" plant Ferris Wheel for our garden from some of the 'junk' in our back yard.
It really does look even better in real life, and I will always treasure it!
 Overall, the garden is really looking a treat, despite the weeds trying to take over!
 And while Colin has been working, I have too.
After my stint on the lathe making bobbins, I have finally ordered my own kiln to anneal my beads.  It will be here around Christmas time and I cannot wait.
This has inspired me to play at the torch once again.
With my new marver, I am really happy with the more consistent sizing of the divider pin heads and I have actually enjoyed making several 'batches' of similar beads...there are 11 dot beads not pictured here from my work this afternoon, as well as the lovely lilac frit beads top left in this photo.
 Here are the 'new' snails, inspired by the prep work on the hedgehogs the day before.
It is not often a new idea works so well the first time, so I am delighted.

Thanks for your time to read this far, and hope you enjoy.
Maybe some lace next time....

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Strawberry dreams

Just a quick post today :)
Some time back, I was given a log of rare strawberry wood for bobbin making.
Here is the first pair :)
I am going to call them "In the Strawberry Patch"
Spangled with my handmade strawberry bug bead set.
Hugs to my lacemaking friends :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Baby hankie

With a new Grandbaby due almost any time now, I thought I had better get my hurry on to make a 'bring home' bonnet.
 Just a simple Torchon edge.
 Working up quickly.

The pattern is from Fun With Corners in 90/2 linen.
Thanks for stopping by.  Warm hugs XXX

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Around tuit at last

I have wanted to make an all lace shawl for such a long time...
It is finally started!
 I have made the bobbins and most of the beads!  The glass divider pins are also my own work :)
I even spun the wool from an old Corriedale fleece!
The shawl will be made in 3 or 4 panels, and the 1st is now under way.
I will source the pattern for you next time I post about this one...Colin is sleeping and I don't want to move and wake him :) 
Thanks for dropping by, hugs and warmest regards,

Friday, August 22, 2014

I don't make scarves... the singles!
These are my most recent...
1 Scarf...
Pattern: Tradition into Creation by Jacqui Barber
Thread: Bohemian Autumn
 2 Scarves...
Pattern: Winter 2007 Australian Lace Magazine...cannot find the issue atm, and don't recall the designers name, so sorry.
Thread: Misty Alpaca
 3 Scarves...
Pattern: Torchon Explore by Ulrike Voelcker
Thread: Thai silk from local supplier Fibres and Threads
 Closer view of the latest...
Although there are more scarves, I have either already posted or given them away before I took a 'completed' pic, so here is 1 setting of the Hardanger work complete.
The table centre is almost finished, so only a placemat, serviette, serviette ring and coaster to go.
Back to the stuff I should be doing now...
Please enjoy, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts :)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Productive times

The scarf is progressing nicely, with some safely rolled away on the roller.
 While working this section, I realised that the only bobbins I had never used in my collection are now in use!!  Yay! 
I have a pair of rather heavy brass bobbins, (the one with the coloured thread) that I am alternating with the new thread.  They have always been too heavy to play with the other bobbins, so I had avoided them.  For this project, they work rather well.
There is also a single aluminium bobbin on the left hand side that had not been on a pillow at my place.  Several friends swear by them, but I find it cold to the touch, and had always passed it over.
Also in this shot (just) is the pair of bobbins with a pink ceramic joiner, a gift from a Gumnut.  The bobbins arrived broken from their journey, so I repaired them with the ceramic glue used to put final details on my dolls.  They are working perfectly and remind me of my Australian friends each time they pass my fingers.
 And here is a new batch of beads ready for the kiln.  Dear Step Son is visiting today and will take them to Burnie for me.  I hope to make the trip with Colin in a couple of weeks time to collect them...
The pin toppers (ladybirds, flowers, turtles and hedgehogs and the cotton reel were all made before Colin collapsed.  the rest have been made this week to fill the tin.
Thanks for taking the time to read this far, stay safe, happy and healthy.  Hugs,