Thursday, January 14, 2010

Here is the restart to my Beds mat (I don't think I will turn it into a ring pillow).
I have now used Finca 80 and like it much better.
This is 1.1 meters of the bucks point trim I have made for my grandson, Travis. Now I have to mount it onto a hankie, make it into a bonnet and then print up the verse and instructions.
I am not sure if Beds or Bucks is going to be my most favorite lace - I love them both!
Hooray, hooray - motifs 23, 24 and 25! They were completed on Boxing Day, and looked fabulous after they were blocked, but that pic did not work and will not be manipulated :(

My Mousey pin cushion was happy too - now I could get back to bobbin lace :)

Last weekend, we took Wind Dancer out for a run - (lots of) friends came along and LOML panicked that Wind Dancer would not behave herself.

4 1/2 hours and a dozen trips up the beach proved that Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!
The cost - just 2 small tears in the skirt - 1 at the front and 1 at the back! Yayyyyyy!!!!!!!
My Lizbeth mat is almost finished - yes, no more rounds to go! Pic soon :)
Now I am off to play wth my Storybook - they are on special for January - 20% off!!
And a party tonight too!!

Drop a comment, before you go, I love reading what my bloggy friends think.

Hugs, hugs and more hugs


wickedtats said...

WOW. that looks exciting! I would like to meet your pin cushion!

Sharon said...

Congratulations on completing the 25 Motif Challenge. Any plans on doing another 25?

laura_rose said...

Hi Wickedtats, I will see what I can arrange :) Mousey is rather shy and only comes out on special projects, but if I whisper sweetly he may visit my next post for you.

Hi Sharon, I am thinking a range of different bookmarks might be neat for gifts for next Christmas :) Not sure LOML can handle the stress, but if I get started as soon as I finish my Lizbeth doily...

BTW we now have a Lizbeth supplier in Australia YAY YAY YAY happy dance!!

Tatskool said...

Your Wind dancer looks cool. Lovely lace too.

Guzzisue said...

Hi, off to lace guild today so will pick up Finca 80 ready for when I get to the same pattern, thanks :-)

singtatter said...

Helloo, Laura, you are so diligent getting so much laces done! How do you manage ?!?!

Anonymous said...

wow how awsome, hope one day to be as inspirational as you, and as talanted, love Me

shannon_in_love said...

hey i am very new to bobbin lace and i was wondering what is the name of the pattern for that beautiful lace. the lace in the second picture...also i am just beginning...are there any books you would recommend for me...particularly on bucks point...i seem to be more attracted to that type.