Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hello again

First things first!
Here is one of the packages I sent as prizes in my previous post.
The Gum flower hankie is just perfect to show off a hand made lace length, the Tassie devil hankie makes for a great cover cloth (as it is a larger hankie), a pair of bobbins, spangled with colours to represent our Island home and the promised bookmark (as requested by each recipient) - messages from both said they were delighted - Thank you ladies!

Here is bookmark number 8 in the 25 motif challenge!
I have actually made quite a few more, but still need to take pics! There are a number of crosses in the mix as my children have had to come to terms with the sad loss of their father at the end of February. I will show you some more next post - soon!

Finally, I had the real pleasure of attending a 4 day wire lace workshop with Stitchetty Grub a couple of weeks ago. I completed 1 set and 1 piece in the 4 days, and am now working on the 3rd kit that I purchased that weekend. This is the 2nd piece in progress. The centre flower is sitting to the top left of the WIP. I intend to mount this piece on a hair comb - when I get organised enough to purchase one! The first set is a necklace and earrings - will share next post as I have still to take the pics :)
Thanks for dropping by, I love visitors :)
Off to take some pics so the next post will be soon!! TTFN

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Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I was just looking at my hankies the other day. I think I've found the perfect pattern and thread for edging them.

I love the new lace design. My pillows will be coming out of hiding sometime in the next week. I think I'll stick with simple bookmarks for now! ; )