Sunday, December 19, 2010

more bead fun

I spent a solid day at the torch today, and after some basic donut beads I really had a play :)
60 beads in 1 go is a lot of beads - but there were 2 only fit for the hammer - they will make an appearance later on as frit VBG
(and I *will* remember to let the beads cool a little before diving them into the Vermiculite)

I had another go at textured beads - with some success today I think :)
I love the ladybugs and hedgehogs at the top - they will be made into divider pins.
The ladybugs at the bottom are a spangle set.
This set of Santas are now earrings and a necklace - I know they need annealing, but I intend to wear them this week, then take the findings off and put them into the batch for next week :)
I think I need to practice these, but Colin thinks the ladybugs and hedgehogs are a better use of the glass VBG

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