Monday, October 29, 2012

My Country

The 2012 Australian Lace Guild Triennial Awards carried the theme from Dorothea McKellar's poem
 'My Australia'

Here is the beginning of my entry as worked at the beginning of August...
 It is due to the persistence of my students more than my own conviction that the collar was finished.
It even made the trip to Sydney, despite my better judgement.
 I took my inspiration from the second stanza of the poem:

I love a sunburned country
A land of sweeping plains,  (orange roseground, torchon ground)
Of rugged mountain ranges  (purple fans)
Of droughts and flooding rains.  (wide red trail, narrow blue trails)
I love her wide horizons,  (depth of the back of the collar)
I love her jeweled sea.  (blue fans)
Her beauty and her terror  (gum leaves and lizards)
A wide brown land for me.

Here is the front up close
I am still coming to terms with the fact that this piece of lace won the bobbin lace section of the Triennials!!

For the quilter's, I will have another post by the end of the week, just for you.

Hugs to all...keep lacemaking alive my friends :)


Frivole said...

What an absolutely amazing piece of lace! No wonder it won. It is just wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the U.S. When I was a kid, my Dad had a tape (reel-to-reel, not cassette; it's been a while!) of Lionel Long singing Australian folk songs, which included one of the group members reciting that poem. I loved it; it always gave me chills.
Thanks for bringing back the memory, and your lace is fantastic - I love the gum leaves.
And very best wishes for Colin's continued recovery.
- Sandy in Texas

laura_rose said...

thanks Frivole...your kind words are appreciated :)

WOW Sandy, now you have rekindled some Uncle had several old reel to reel players and stacks of tapes and I bet that Lionel Long tape was in his collection and allowed to be listened to, even on Sundays (usually reserved for gospel and Jim Reeves only at my Grandmother's home)

Pene said...

It's been awhile since I looked at your blog. Anyway, Congratulations on your win. I'm looking forward to seeing your collar in the next issue of 'Australian Lace'.
Glad to hear that DH is recovering.
Happy Christmas & hope 2013 is kinder to you both.