Friday, January 18, 2013

meandering goldfish

With the current attention span of a goldfish, I have been playing with many projects!

This first counted cross stitch has been in my work basket for a little over a year.
I got it out again recently as I can work on this type of thing without disturbing Colin. I should have washed and ironed it before taking the photo, but...

 I needed to change the hoop position on the project above, but because of the already completed work, my hoop would not fit (I didn't have a hoop with a screw adjustment at the time), so I went digging in my kit box and come up with this gem.

It is a felt kit from Dimension (I think)

I purchased it to put in my classroom in the leadup to Christmas, so it has been in the box for a while!

I figured if I got the background completed I would be doing a good job!

But the toys were inviting and quick (besides my dear son 1 threw out a challenge!)

Project 2 now complete!!
 The silk scarf is taking shape!  
There are 48 pairs of bobbins, and the pattern is from 
Neue Kloppelideen Fur Torchonspitzen 
by Katharina Egger
The doll lace is almost 2 meters now (only 47 headside fans to go), and early February I intend to begin the 'practice doll' so will try to keep you posted...

The 3rd bobbin lace project is also well under way, but it will be a while before I can share :)...

As for the spinning, I think my wheel is ready to go, so we are heading to Ross on Sunday for a Guild Spin In.  I am hoping to meet up with the lady I met in Zeehan back in September.  I find I can only do a little with the drop spindle at a time as my arm aches, so maybe some real progress will be seen after the weekend...

The tatted bookmarks for the Cancer Clinic are still rolling out, although somewhat more slowly at the moment...

I managed to make 14 beads this week...first time in the shed for ages, was on a roll with plain donut beads and just about ready to play with some other skills when I run out of gas :(  Oh time :)...

Next time I might have enough of the Aaron jumper I have under way too...

AND Colin has permission to ease back into work, so as of Saturday, I will have his help at work for maybe 2 days per week...driving only, but YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

Enough rambling, hugs to my cyber friends, 

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