Friday, May 3, 2013


First of all, 'Bella' fired beautifully!

I could not believe how long it took to add these small amounts of paint...back to the kiln, then the finishing touches...

...highlight the lips, finish the fingernails and eyes and tone the hair...I honestly do NOT spend this much time tizzing me ...Maybe that is the problem?!?!?LOL
 Next week, I may just get to start on the doll with my handmade lace!

At around 4.30 pm on WEDNESDAY afternoon, we had a mother of all hail storms across Launceston.  Colin was lucky...the storm hit while he was shopping, but he did have to drive home in the aftermath!

This picture was taken outside one of our stops at 8.30 AM THURSDAY morning!

The garden in the side street looked gorgeous - as if it had been snowing - but I did not take a photo. 
Then the garden in the area where we worked looked appealing, but alas, I did not take a photo.
As we were leaving, we spied this scene...I had to take a photo!  Note the garden edge too...It has NOT snowed in Launceston for at least 30 years, so this really is a rare sight.  Besides, our 'snow season' (in the nearby mountains) is usually August/September!
 Finally, I am working on a quick little project for our State Lace Guild AGM...the committee has challenged members to make a flower for a display - we are hoping there will be some "spares" to share with past members, giving everyone a pretty, lasting reminder of the event.

I have finally made a start on mine...Miss Sox is overseeing the project!
 "I'm not touching it, honest Mum!"

I think it is time to rejoin Miss least it is warm there!!

Hugs and loads of lovely lace making time to you, my bloggy friends :)

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Jane Eborall said...

Bella is sooo pretty. Well worth all the effort you've put into her. BUT how come you've got OUR cat?