Friday, June 21, 2013

Just a little lace

First I would like to share some bookmarks I have made for the Arachne email ring exchange.  

I love taking part in these exchanges and will take some pics of my received bookmarks for next post.
This is Louise Colgan's hummingbird.  
I intended to take part in her workshop last year, but didn't make it.

I still want to work the workshop piece, but this Milanese tape will do for starters.

I think I will sew it on to a black shirt when I get some time :) 
My next doll is making progress...the week before last I finished the skirt...
And last week I added the bodice...

 Tomorrow I will add the arms and she will be ready for the first firing.

 Meanwhile, my friend has finished the doll she made with the lace I designed and helped her make.

Enough for to read up on Porcelain doll making for ideas for the next doll....


Sunela said...

Oh....I love your doll lace! What a beautiful creation. I wish I had some one to show me some of these lovely techniques. I over analyze when I am learning it on my own.

laura_rose said...

Hi time to over analyze with the porcelain dolls...the 'mud' sets so fast you just have to go with the flow. It is fun though :)