Friday, April 10, 2009

A little tape lace

Here is the beginning of my tape lace A. I am using Milanese style tape lace to construct this letter as part of my L.A.C.E. set. I am using a rather thick Finca 20 thread and following some instructions from The Lace Guild publication An Introduction to Milanese Lace. Although I have not completed any of the sample bands, I figure if I muck up totally, I can always re make the A and then keep this one for a sampler. For now it will have to do :) This stitch is called ovals and for a first up, Blind Freddie would be glad to see it :D Now for the basket weave straight leg...
Here is a peek at my only other attempt at a tape lace. This design is from 75 Quick and Easy Patterns by Veronica Sorenson - although this design was not that easy for this little beginner 15 months ago! The loopy tape was made first complete with an outside boarder. The ground was then filled in and a length made to make the frill, which is stitched on afterwards. It was fun to make although very challenging as I had only been making lace for 3 months or so at that point. I think I used No 80 tatting cotton...not really sure.
Here is the finished product! Needless to say the Bride was thrilled! I took it to her the day before the wedding and she later gave me some pics of her wearing it.
Please feel free to leave a comment...I love reading what you have to say :) Stay well and healthy and for those who do...have a great Easter Break.

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Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Oh, my! How lovely! That's another lace I've been wanting to try! I'd better stick with the two I'm concentrating on now, or I'll never perfect anything!