Friday, January 28, 2011

House guest - might be scary for some!

This little lady has moved in right outside my front door!
I know she will scare any visitors away, and I will have to move her soon, but right now I don't have the heart :(
- after all, how long would it take me to make this amazing web?
I have no idea what kind of spider she is, and I have not encountered her kind before. She is rather large - at least an inch and a half long - and the web spans almost 3 feet!
This pic is taken from the top, but it shows her underneath.
As I am no photographer, I am rather impressed by how clear her web has shown up.

I cannot share my bobbin lace project at the moment - suffice it to say, it is rather like my house guest - huge!!

I do have some more tatted motifs, but will have to leave them til next time - LOML is using the printer/scanner and work really must come first.

I also spent 8 hours today at the torch, and will have some gorgeous "experiments" to show you next post!


Maureen said...

If you were in Queensland, I would say it is a golden orb; they are just like that!

laura_rose said...

Hi Maureen, maybe it has washed down with the flood water. Hoping you are safe in your neck of the woods...will have to have a look and see if Golden Orbs are found here in Tassie.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Although I'm not especially fond of spiders, I am fascinated by their webs. Cool pictures!

laura_rose said...

Looks like my friend has been identified as a Araneus bradleyi or Enamelled Spider. Lace makers store all kinds of knowledge - thanks Dinah.