Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another pillow

The Beds edging has made a little more progress, 

The doll length has a target - a whopping 3 meters minimum!! It is currently hovering at a tad over 40 cm...

My other project has made a little progress, and I am almost at the "I think I know what I'm doing" stage!!

So....I started another project today :)

I will be heading North in October to attend the Australian Lace Guild conference week.  I have made a couple of skirts and aim to be able to wear lace each day at the conference.

Here is a butterfly - I intend to stitch it to a top to wear with one of my new skirts :)

The thread is Moriva Linen 40/2.  The pattern comes from a Bridgitte Bellon book - mental note to self...when borrowing books from the library  write the reference on the pricking copy!!

Ok, I NEVER have 4 pillows on the go at once...I swear I have been invaded by aliens...but I am enjoying the variety!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Four pillows! Wow! I have to dust my pillow off and refresh my skills. I'm attending a lace retreat in October. I hope to gain some skill and some inspiration. I love looking at what others are doing, but I really need that personal touch to really get going.

I love your butterfly! New skirts... hmmm... maybe it's time to dust off the sewing machine as well. ; )

laura_rose said...

Hi Diane, my sewing machine thinks it is being over worked lol. We have our Retreat at the end of September...the following week will be workshops with Louise Colgan, then off to Sydney for more workshops...I may need to come home for a lace break!! Good luck with you inspiration, and I am happy to help if you get have my email :)

Stitchety Grub said...

Just thought I would say ..... last year the AGM week in Sydney was FREEZING - even the Tassie girls that went were wearing long sleeve polo necks and jackets!!!! - It was unseasonally cold and damp - I was relieved to get to Tassie straight after for some warmer weather!!! so you might like to keep that in mind when you pack - I will be taking lots of light layers so on the off chance it is not so cold I will be prepared! (and a warm jacket and wooly pully! LOL - what workshop are you hoping to do?

laura_rose said...

Hi Britt, the Tasmanian in me says pack friends and Uncle tell me no...The Tassie Gal will win!! I have made a lovely snuggly jacket - so long as I don't wear it out before I go LOL I am hoping to do the Beds with Heather or 2 days with Pat and 2 days with Coralie. I will be spending 3 days the week before with Louise Colgan here in Tas before going to Sydney as well...really looking forward to it :)