Monday, June 11, 2012

What's on my pillow?

This was one of the past year's projects...I used Bokens Linen to make a length...maybe I will stitch it to a towel one day...
 This is a close up of the finished lace.
 I currently have 3 pillows in use.  Number 1 cannot be shared just yet.

This is the only piece of lace to ever grace my pillow for more than a year! 

It is not hard.

I love making Tallies and leaves.

There is simply not enough time in each day to get to this one :(
But I have made 3 flowers this week, so there is finally a little progress...and it is over half way now :)

The winter sun shining through the window also makes it the best spot in the house :)
 This is my take-with-me piece.
I am using my travel pillow, although there are really too many bobbins on the pillow.
I am using up scraps of cotton as the colour will make no difference in the finished lace.
 I made the purple piece several years ago, and had no idea what I was going to do with it.

One of my new students does lace drapped dolls, and told me she wanted to make her lace to burn.
At first I admit I was surprised, and after mentioning the amount of time spent making the lace, I decided each to their own...after all it was her time and her lace!

Then I saw her dolls!!
I thought the purple length would be perfect, but there is not enough of it.

I am looking forward to November, when I will be starting to construct my doll!

Check back later for progress reports :)


Jane McLellan said...

Stunning work. Look forward to seeing the doll. Burning??

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Your lace is gorgeous! I also look forward to seeing the doll, and of course the burning question is, as Jane suggests... burn?

laura_rose said...

hi Ladies, Yes ... burning! the cotton lace is dipped in porcelain slip, drapped onto a mould, then fired in a kiln at over 1000oC until the cotton burns away, leaving the porcelain lace. I met the teacher a couple of weeks ago, and the thing that blew me away was the amount of shrinkage in the process!! other fibres don't work as they shrivel up, rather than burn away too.

Sunela said...

Gorgeous Lace!! I am drooling right now.