Sunday, May 17, 2009

6 pins, 3 rings

Greetings Friends,

Last post, I promised some bobbin pics, so here they are!

The bobbin on the left is from Guzziesue in Nottingham. Ebonee picked the spangle beads on her last visit, so the bobbin has been dancing with the rest in the Letter C :) The next pair are from my Arachne Secret Pal in the U.K. I find out who she is in the June exchange, and I can't wait! The black bobbin has Christmas 2008 scripted on the back and the other has a matching needle case - just beautiful! The last pair are made from Purplewood by Eddie Giesaitis. Judy and Eddie visited our lace meeting on their Tasmanian holiday last month. Ebonee also picked a pair of the Purplewood, although she had her eye on the painted bobbins and I was facinated by the diamondwood ones...maybe next time :)

And the C dance is progressing well! I had a couple of unexpected days off last week, and put one of them to good use, along with another solid 8 hours yesterday! I would really like to finish this by next weekend, so that the Guild can use the letters in a lace display in June if they wish.
Ebonee is staying again this weekend and also put her 6 pins in. I moved the hairband up the pricking this morning to give her room to move the bobbins. She has been showing her classmates this site, and will be taking the pillow to school tomorrow so they can see the real thing. Hope you like it class :) At the moment there are 8 repeats done and 5 or 6 to go!

My Lizbeth doily is also growing. The pattern only has 1 more round after this one, but I think I am going to add another repeat of this pattern to make the doily a bit larger. It is an interesting design, and pretty quick to tat. BTW, the pattern can be found in Tatting Doilies & Edgings edited by Rita Weiss. Some terrific patterns - I have made 5 or 6 of the doilies and several edgings from this book.
I have a full week of work ahead, so I doubt I will get time to post before next weekend, but fully intend to get a bit a lace done :) I will take a pic of Porty when I get to school - he is also growing well. As a snake was finished on Friday, there will be some excitement about again, and I am thinking of taking an extra (round) pillow to get one of the 2nd timers going...they are choosing some interesting projects and the round pillow will suit the tape lace pic needs better than a square one I think! Should be lots of fun to get something different happening :)
Don't forget to have your say in the comments section - keep me amused this week my friends :)
Hugs to all, stay safe and happy


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Everything looks beautiful! Oh, how I wish I could take time for lace today! I've started a class on teacher leadership, and I've already fallen behind my study mate. Nose to the grindstone... maybe some lace later it the week.

TattingChic said...

Your bangled bobbins are so pretty! It looks like your "C" is almost done! Love that new lace piece that you are working on! So pretty! Love the tatting, of coure! :)

Guzzisue said...

good to see the bobbin in use:-)I tried to tat again but get too frustrated with it!

laura_rose said...

I'm hearing you Diane...I have 1 more week of my Parents Partnership training - interesting, but heavy going! Study and Lace deadlines are looming so not much free time at all!

Not far to go on the C TattingChic, but if I can get it finished by Saturday, it will make it to it's first display :) Ebonee's lace is very pretty - she has taken it to school this week and hopes to be able to work on it there! I cant wait to see how far she gets!

The bobbin is beautiful Guzzisue...I must get out into the shed and make you one too :) I love tatting as it can come with me (most of the time)and I find it very relaxing. This doily is a bit big for the pocket now, so I must get back to some of those motifs for my 25 motif challenge!