Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Do U C what I C?

Greetings Friends,

Here is the beginning of the end :) Yes, it is the final letter of the set! ... Well a start anyhow. The pattern is from Barbara Underwood - Floral Bedfordshire in 20 lessons. The pattern was scaned, then transfered to Publisher and finally elongated to the required size. This method of adapting a pattern would probably be frowned upon by traditionalists, but it has given me the required dimensions. I am using DMC Perle 12 - not a traditional Beds thread, but will compliment the other letters.
I did take a close up, but blogger does not want to talk now :( so watch this space in my next post :)

Now, let me introduce Porty! The school logo is starting to take shape...tomorrow, I will invite a lace student or 2 to make a contribution ... keep watching to find out who Porty is :)

Finally, here is an example of the key rings my Joey Scouts made last night. It is a simple 4 bobbin plait, made on the pillow. 2 of the boys were not that impressed, but the mum and the other 3 Joeys really enjoyed making this little gift to add to a small collection for their mums. We used a 12 ply multi coloured wool for this project.
Thanks for dropping by, hope you found something of interest here. Please feel free to leave a comment ... I am hoping to have the time to drop in on some bloggy friends in the next day or so, but for now I must get some work done so have fun, and be healthy :)


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I C! I C! The traditionalists might not like your way of creating a pricking, but it's more like what I would do! Can't wait to see the finished C!

Guzzisue said...

I still have the first piece on my pillow, think I may cut iot off as a sample as it really gave me practise at the leafs. Looks interesting in a thicker thread :-)

TattingChic said...

Looking forward to C-ing your C completed! It will look so nice with the other letters that spell C-A-L-E!!!


shirley said...

You have been busy for this to be your last letter!! Looks great!