Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wheels, water and a little lace

First of all, we went back to Sheffield in North West Tasmania last weekend, and I promised some Gumnuts the pics of FIL's current fleet of T-Models. This first one said goodbye today - it is moving to a new home at Westbury, there was no challenge in restoring it from this condition!It is a 1926 sedan.

Here is the fleet that went to Sheffield...a 1948 converted to 1950 5 tonne Ford, 1913 T-Model 1 tonne truck (sedan converted with Smith Chain Drive) and a 1923 T-Model 1 tonne truck.

There is a pic of the 1913 T here

The 1923 T-Model truck.

The 1950 Ford.

The blue coupe is Everyone's favorite T-Model in Pop's shed. I have posted about it before here.

This A-Model arrived as a left hand drive vehicle as you can see here. In Australia, normal is right hand, so Pop has been busy converting it. It is nearly ready for it's debut, with everything spruced up while the reconstruction was under way.

The news of our local flood waters has got out. Colin went and took some pics of the Gorge today. The swingset on the bottom right of this pic is usually well away from any water and a safe place for the children to play. And the water level has receeded considerably since Friday evening! We are all safe - several businesses and community associations like the Scouts and Naval Cadets have had some mild flood damage but the coastal areas have had more to be concerned about - for the second time in 2011!

Not easy to see, but my Bedfordshire mat is under way again - for a little while at least! The center section is just over half way and growing quickly!! You can see the completed outside edge on the side - although I still need to sew in the ends.

Finally, I made this wire lace horseshoe this week. A work friend is getting married next weekend so I hope she likes it :) The pattern is from Christine Springett's Lace for Children of All Ages.

I have a tatted motif to share, but may make it some friends this week and I have not scanned it as yet.

Enough for now, thanks for reading this far. Drop me a line in the comments, have fun and take care. Happy lace making :)


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I have never been to an old car show, but I have seen them drive past our house every summer on their way to the Gladiolus Festival, and advantage of living on a rural highway! It's fun to see these up-close pictures!

Flooding always amazes me. The power of Mother Nature is nothing to be underestimated!

Your progress with bobbin lace has been amazing! My friend Denise and I are getting ready encourage each other with learning more about this beautiful lace-making method. In two weeks we'll get to see some beautiful lace and lace-making tools at the Lafayette Lace Days. There's nothing like a lace event to get one inspired!

Ridgewoman said...

Husband and I love going to Antique Car shows; also, vintage tractors. A friend of ours restores tractors for shows, and sells a few. DH had an old Model T Ford pick up when we were younger, he loved that old jitney. Drove it to work and back as I recall. It all looks very interesting.
We don’t have many lace shows here in the southwest. There was a huge Colcha show in Albuquerque. I’d love to have gone, but getting DH to drive 6 hours to A is a joke.
He really doesn’t like that town, which is a bit dangerous at times. That is mostly what prevents us from going to see many of the attractions that come to that town. The white Lippizaner horses are having a show there soon. Have always wanted to see that show. oh well.
Perhaps they’ll come to Sacramento eventually (again).
xx Bj

Tatskool said...

car show looks great floods look AWFUL. Love the bridal horseshoe.