Monday, February 2, 2009

Vehicles, students and WIPs

Hi All,

Thanks for your kind comments, Jenny, the baubles were fun to make, if rushed at the last minute...all recipients were thrilled to bits too :)
I cannot share a lot of the lace I have been making at the moment for 1 reason and another, but on Saturday, we got to ride in this restored 1915 Model T Ford on (one of) it's first excursions out of the garage. This has been a 12 month project and came home from Newcastle (Australia) as a trailer load of rust!

And whilst Father laboured over the 1st vehicle, Son (aka DB) has been 6 years labouring over this bag full of fun...and stubbornness...and frustration...and did I mention fun?? Although we played 2 years ago, there has been some major reconstruction work and yesterday was the "new" maiden voyage. Heaps of fun, sand...and repair work! But it was worth it...even if he is threatening to sell it again - over my dead body! :)

OK, OK, what about the lace? The pic on the bottom is the full lace story of a new friend. She came to stay for a week, on a visit to renew old acquaintances (DB being 1 of them). As I have been working flat out on lace, she became interested and after completing the snake (a Christine Springett design) she was eager to go again. From my collection, the bookmark was chosen...and completed! One very happy and enthusiastic new lace maker is born!
My floral beds piece was started in September on a visit from Barbara Underwood...the workshop was challenging and heaps of fun...I learned soooooo much! I took the pillow to school to show my students what I was working on and despite being asked not to touch please, one lass decided to 'rearrange the bobbins and divider pins for me .... Grrrrrr. Tis harm done and the bobbins are finally untangled and work is progressing...all be it very slowly!
Happy lace making and thanks for visiting :)


Jenny said...

That piece of beds is to die for! I am getting close to having a go at this type of lace myself. Also still need to get you that crochet flower pattern, I have not forgotten.

laura_rose said...

Thanks Jenny :) I love Beds - even the tallies...I started with Christine Springett's video lesson 1 (watched the 2nd as well), then started working my way thru Barbara Underwood's 20 lessons book. Made it to lesson 6 before the workshop, but looking forward to the rest of them!

Guzzisue said...

I'm also envious of your beds lacemaking! I am joining Jenny in learning Beds next month so wish us luck ( I have a big problem with tallies so need to find the method that works for me)I'm impressed by your restoration, Ian has a 1939 Ariel motorcycle under very,very slow restoration in our garage.

laura_rose said...

Hi Guzzisue...the hover is our work, the T model is DB's dad. The hover is 6 years on and still going so I know about slow! If you get an opportunity to watch Barbara make a tallie take it...she makes it look soooo easy! Good luck with the beds!