Monday, January 26, 2009

Key ring inspiration

Hi Guzzisue, and everyone

Yes we threaded the passives through the small ring attached to the keyring by passing the centre loop up through the ring and then threading the bobbins through the loop. The workers started on the first pin, so that they don't pull oddly. You can work the leaf in any stitches you please...I used a smaller size to decorate my Christmas baubles...then gave them to friends as gifts. I put 4 leaves on each ring and worked opposing leaves the same...1 set in half stitch and the other in cloth, cloth and twist. You could also use 3 leaves all the same or all many possibilities :) Once the leaves are complete, bundle the whole lot together under the bauble, wrap a few times with a pair of workers and tie off. Just measure the circumference on your bauble, divide in half then make a leaf shape to suit! Enlage to a suitable size on the photocopier to make the keyring.

A word of warning though...for the Christmas baubles, make sure your metal ring fits snugly under the hanging attachment so that you can replace the hanger to complete your bauble. Also, be very careful of the join in the will snag the thread very easily or slip off the loops if you do not take care.


Jenny said...

Laura, these baubles are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

TattingChic said...

These ornaments are beautiful! I like that you put your bobbin lace on something like this!
Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog post about the art exchange today! :)