Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bobbin winders and fish tails

With a broken shaft, balance out the window and unwanted holes in the skirt, yesterday proved to be rather sad for our hovercraft :( The mood last night was somewhat sombre to say the least!
I was able to take my frustration out on my tatted doily, completing 1 and a half motifes for the final round. Progress is slow but it is progress :)

I also spent my lace time in the morning rewinding bobbins for my next lesson, so I thought I would show you my handmade bobbin winder mark II. The nylon shaft, driven by a posties rubber band provides a 2 for 1 return, so bobbins wind rather quickly. Simply sit the bobbin under the rubber band and in the grove, attach the thread and wind away...quiet, quick and efficient! Next time I fire up the lathe, I intend to make a wooden handle to put in the shaft, as the aluminium makes my fingers dirty...I am sure I will have no problems breaking a bobbin or two for the job!
And here is the next lesson...introducing a fish tail fan and using the cloth stitch to make a trail...and we now have 3 elements together :) I am still using up the left over thread from the fan (the goal of the tuition sessions), but thought this one would look great with a pale green worker pair in the trail...would look a bit like flowers, don't you think...
Again, I made up the design in Lace R-XP, and in the working, I have filled out the trail with an extra pair of passives, given that the same element in the fan looked a bit sparse.
One question that is really starting to bug me...How on earth do you know if someone else has already come up with this design??? It is so simple, surely it must be 'out there'.
The good news for the hovercraft is that a new shaft (in stronger materials) can be made by tomorrow night, the holes in the skirt have been fixed neatly and the balance is not so bad as we first working puff, the skirt is full and the deck is balanced after all :) Now we just have to make the issue that broke the shaft go away...that may involve a bit of work as we have (sort of) differing opinions and should sort out both at once to save having to purchase yet another shaft!

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Jenny said...

So pretty with two colours.