Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I was asked this morning about the bobbins that I have made, so here goes. I have heard it said that need breeds invention...well the need to learn to make lace, and therefore the need to increase my bobbin selection was a raging fire that was not satisfied with access to beginner bobbins once a month:) A friend of DB(eloved) owns a lathe, and having a heap of Huon Pine offcuts, I had the timber. My last experience on a lathe was 25 years ago...I made a sugar bowl that was supposed to be a goblet, but never let a little thing like lack of experience stand in the way! DB's mate left the workshop so he did not have to sort out severed fingers and I whittled the end of the afternoon, I had broken 3 hardwood attemps (2 oh so close) and joy of joys - was the proud owner of a fine Huon Pine bobbin! (Not a cut finger in sight!) DB built me a lathe for my birthday :D The first 5 above are all Huon Pine, the 2 outside ones being travellers - well the end broke off, but they are still great to use, right? The next 2 are believed to be Myrtle - scrap timber that fell my way. The next is made from a piece of's life is interesting...tree to church pew, then a scout hall feature, next part prop for hovercraft and this small piece of leftover was made into a bobbin, affectionately known as "the cricket bat's mate". The 4 on the right really were born of desperation! They are 8mm wooden beads, threaded onto skewers...I needed 60 odd bobbins in less than a week at school and these are the result. The kids love them. I have also used some Blackwood, Silky Oak and Tas Oak hardwood. I love working with the Mytle and Silky Oak, and the smell of the Houn Pine is wonderful.
This pic shows the bobbins I made for a birthday gift. All the painted bobbins are made of Tas Oak and depict favorite things of the recipient...pets, occassions, flowers, etc. The wooden look bobbins are Huon Pine, each pair representing a family member or special occassion...birthdays, wedding etc. Each of these has been spangled with beads that represent the person marked on the bobbin...favorite colours and that sort of thing.
I do still collect the odd bobbin made by 'real bobbin makers', but I am somewhat proud of my little collection and continue to slowly add to them. Not counting the 16 pair on this pillow, I have about 40 pair that I have made I think.

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Guzzisue said...

my bobbins are very mixed, old and new(ish) welcome to the world of blogging and good to meet another lacemaker.