Friday, January 16, 2009

Today's 6 pins :)

A busy morning, doing some of that dreaded h********k stuff...not too much mind :), then a little paint splashed onto the hovercraft...the upside being I will be lucky to be allowed to splash some on the house any time soon :D, then joy of joys - my 6 pins (and then some).

Lace is a passion I wear on my sleeve (well around my neck as collars and in my ears as earrings really). My job as a relief teacher enables me to 'play' with many children, and occassionally I even get invited back...such has happened at a school in the north of our beautiful state. The students know of my lace making (I have been invited back often for a little over a year) and when I recently spent 4 weeks on the same class, the request was "Can we make some lace please Miss?"

36 children experienced what a joy lace is to make :)

Now I find myself planning lessons to teach some more...well for some of the older students anyhow. This bookmark has (known) cloth stitch diamonds with introduced ground, and puts the 2 elements together...the first step toward the fan on my first post!

There are several great teaching books out there, and I do not aim to replace them, but my audience are 7 to 14 year old students who have taken to lace with (almost) as much passion as I have :) My goal was to provide an experience in which they would encounter some success...I believe I have acheived this beyond my wildest imagination!

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