Thursday, January 15, 2009

The first post.

Please bear with me...this is the first time :)

I started tatting in June 2006. While many of my projects have been quite small, I am almost finished my third doily. This is No entered in the Royal Launceston Show in 2007. Although only a small regional show with few lace entries, I am very proud of the blue ribbon decoration :)

I have been making bobbin lace since October 2006 and I love it. Whilst I have tried Torchon and Bedfordshire lace, there are many more I would like to have a go at in the future. My present focii are a Bedfordshire ring designed by Barbara Underwood, and the development of some of my own Torchon designs. In the (near) future I am looking to try out Buckinghamshire lace for the first time, but until then...

My Torchon flowers, designed by Rosemary Sheperd and found in the book Fantasy Flowers by Rosemary Sheperd...a Christmas gift made in December 2008...

And my own designs, a fan and a first foray into Lace R-XP, a design program for lacemakers.

There are many fabulous Lacemakers out there, and my humble offerings are the beginning of my lacey story. You are welcome to stay tuned and watch my progress.


Stitchety Grub said...

Hi Laura
Welcome to the world of blogs ... I look forward to visiting yours regularly...well done! :-)

Unknown said...

That tatted doily is absolutely beautiful! Your bobbin lace is lovely, too! Thank you so much for commenting on my tatting journal! I appreciate your sweet comment and it brought me to your blog! I'll be "following" you! :) Nice to "meet" you and congrats on starting a blog!