Sunday, February 22, 2009

A quilt little lace break

Despite the children at school pleading with me to finish the Bedfordshire mat this weekend, I really felt I needed to spend some time on this little project. These stars are being sought for the Victorian Bushfire Victims and one very, very brave lady has sent out the plea for quilters to get together. Here is the link to the flickr site: I'm not sure how to actually make it work from here, but if you are a quilter, please copy and paste the link to your browser if it does not work, and take a peek at the work being done!
This link will take you to a great tutorial to make the stars, if you are like me and cannot work it out :)
I found this site to be most helpful!! As I do all my quilting by hand, I found this a challenge, but have managed 3 stars to send. I would love to think that three little boys could wrap a quilt around themselves and get some small comfort from the little dragonflies and bright colours. This is only a very small contribution, but if we all do the same, many victims will know the warmth and love being shared. And I must say a HUGH THANK YOU to the wonderful person or people (as I believe several have offered to help) who put in the time to sew the quilts together and finish them off!! Now all I have to do is find an address to send them to :)

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