Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back to the Beds :)

Greetings All,
After spending some time at the sewing machine making our new hovercraft skirt yesterday, I was finally able to get back to the Beds ring :) This was the progress at 11 pm!

Yup! The lace is finished...yippppeeeeeeeeeee! It was time for bed so a very good excuse to allow the lace to rest too :D

There were 26 pairs to join up, and that was completed this easier task than I envisaged as 2 pair went into each pin hole. So, here 'tis! Slightly smaller than a CD and only about 80 "furry bits" to sew in :)

The bunch on the right are going to be threaded through the leaf. I was not happy with the result after throwing so many back. I was trying not to need them all thrown back at once, but the result is that the threads are bare on the bottom half of the leaf. I will stitch them through with a fine needle, and hopfully that will sort out the problem...lesson learned for next time :) The left hand lot are the finishing off line...will be able to darn through the cloth stitch bits to finish off nicely I think.
This little parcel arrived in the post this Arachne secret pals gift all the way from the U.K. Am I a lucky Gal or what!! Last month there was a reel of green Oliver Twists thread, and my friends below are eagerly awaiting me to choose a pricking and get started...I am thinking torchon hankie edge to complete the white Batiste here...then I will have a gorgeous gift in my pocket, all from somewhere in the U.K :)
These little "pillow pals" keep me company whilst lace making. The mouse pin cushion and the horse shoe were gifts from my Gumlace secret pal and have become very welcome on this pillow...made themselves right at home in no time at all :) The 5 divider pins on the right are handmade glass pins, made by one of our Tassie lace makers. I think my favorite is still the ladybird, but I love them all.
My quilt blocks are safely in the post and should be winging their way somewhere near Alice Springs by now. I have made a "piece" to be chopped into my first ever ATC's, once they are adorned with a little fancy needle work and some lacey bits. But first...many bobbins to wind...lace starts at school on Friday!
Enjoy :)


Guzzisue said...

wow, well done, Im thinking I need something quick and easy at the moment so maybe a bookmark.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

That is one of the most beautiful pieces of lace I've ever seen! Congratulations on finishing it!

Adriana Ortiz said...

Laura,you finish it and it is gorgeous!!


shirley said...

Wow.... that really is the most Beautiful piece of lace!!
Thanks for sharing.

laura_rose said...

Thank you all,
It is the most special piece of lace I have made and now all the ends are stitched in so I just have to decide how best to display it :)
Warm regards