Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 motifs

Hi all, hoping the weather is kind, the fingers are nimble and the lace is flowing...
I have seen this gorgeous "Quantiesque Snowflake" on a number of blogs and love it...thanks so much for sharing the pattern Jon of Jon's Pattern Page! I have made this practice one in No 8 perle cotton...shade numbers are long gone. It was quick and very easy, so I started again, using some crotchet cotton - I perfer the crisper threads for tatting - and have added an extra repeat...I like the number 7 for stars and snowflakes :) I will aim for 25 motifs within a year - more than that - as last year I made about 45 "Abby's Hearts" for here is motif 1, ready for Christmas '09. Now I just have to work out how to go about posting to the 25 motif challenge page! But to Jon's first, me thinks!

This is a small selection of the Abbys Hearts. I scanned this first lot and made the scan into a Christmas card. Then I simply attached a heart and sent it off to it's new home. Both the snowflake pattern and the heart can be found easily with a google search...when I learn how, I will return to this post and attach the links, but til then...have fun searching.

Here are my work shirts for the next year. All but the lillac on white have already survived a year of classroom and laundry punishment...just a few very careful snips of the scissors and they were ready to be stitched onto my new shirts! The other is the length that is featured on my first post. The pale blue tatting is a Rebecca Jones design, the ones on the yellow shirts both come from Monica Hahn's Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns. The bobbin lace in the centre is from Veronica Sorenson. Hmmmm....maybe I should take a close up of that 1, it's a bit hard to see, but the design is rather neat.
I am still working on my tatted mat and the Beds piece...and now I am preparing to start the lace again at school. Although posts are not as regular, I am checking in most days, so please leave a comment if you wish, and I will get back to you...I love how the world has suddenly got smaller...visitors from 3 different countries is about as far as I would get in my loungeroom, but in my virtual lounge...most extraordinary!


TattingChic said...

Wow! That is a LOT of tatting! Your quanti looks very spring-like! The cheery colors are fun.

Look at all those hearts! WOW! I'm impressed.

I love the tatted lace on your shirts! Beautiful!

I think to get your motif posted for the 25 Motif Challenge you can just comment on that blog that you want to join the challenge and then the blog administrators will add you to their list and come around and look at everyone's blog and then they do their posts by copy and pasting photos from our blogs. That's how I joined! :)
Good for you and good luck!

***Jon**** said...

Wow! lovely tatting (jaw dropped) That is a lot of tatting.

Your friends are very lucky to have receive the tatted hearts. And, they have the pretty snowflakes to look forward to at the end of the year.

Thank you for visiting my blogs. I like the colour combo for the Quanti snowflake

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

The snowflake is beautiful, the hearts adorable, and the edgings on the tops are amazing!