Monday, March 9, 2009

Another T model and progress

Yesterday, we had a family fun day at Steamfest. Sheffield is a small country town on the North West of Tassie. They hold this annual fun day to help raise the much needed funds to continue restoring part of our steam heritage. There is a short rail ride, tractor pulling, machinery displays, lace and spinning demonstrations and food, food and more food! Although I did not demonstrate, of course I went and cheered our rep on :) (I did have my tatting in my bag, but with 2 children in tow, there was little chance to sit and play). 'Pop' went along with this restored 1913 T model truck...the first of the collection - the blue car in my Feb post is number 3! This one is the pride of the fleet, as it is driven by a rare Smith's Chain drive mechanism.

I started this simple - at least it is this time! edging on Saturday evening. The pattern is in Rosemary Shepherd's Introduction to Lacemaking book and it is the first lesson in going around corners and joining. I made it 2 years ago, but gave it away to a scrapbooking friend as part of her christmas gift. This time I am making it in Finca 20 which seems like rope after the Beds mat! I will probably finish it at next weekend's Lace Day at Ulverstone. I don't want to take the 'other' piece to show at this point. The bobbins are all 'homemade' in myrtle, blackwood and silky oak.

This is the progress after just an hour or two, so I will save the rest for next weekend. Last time I did it, there was no way I would have tried to continue with all the chat that seems compulsory at a Lace Day...does that mean I have made some progress?

Don't forget to check out the ATCs in my last post! If one takes your fancy, please just leave a comment and we can organise a trade. May your threads never break and your pins never bend :)


TattingChic said...

That old car is so cool looking! What a wonderful thing to own. It's beautiful.
Speaking of beautiful, your bobbin lace you are currently working on is lovely!

Trayna said...

Dear Laura

Where abouts are you? - I had to reread the second line of your post 4 times to finally accept I wasn't imagining it - TASSIE that is.

I was born in Tassie (by accident in Launceston) and grew up in Hobart. I've never "met" another Tassie tatter (or lace-maker) before.