Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lacey weekend

The Beds mat is finished! All ends are sewn in and it has done the rounds at State Lace Day :) Now I have until May to decide how best to display it. The 2 ideas I have are 'glueing' it to a tile with resin (but a bit worried about discolouration) or placing it in a small frame with a pic of DB and myself. It fits with our display theme of gardens for the upcoming craft fair and all members have been asked to contribute to the display so I better make a decision soon :) (The pic here is a little dark. So sorry, but I could not get a better light)

Here is the letter E all tatted and nearly ready for display. I am thinking of adding some flowers and leaves to embelish - tatted of course! Not sure if that will happen before the display at school, but I am content to put the idea on my (very long) tuit list for now. I also need to block the lace and sew in the ends. BTW...thanks for the link Tatting Chic, your GUILD letters look great...the real thing must have been wonderful to see!

Here is the little mat I mentioned in my last post. I did not finish the lace at the meeting, but when I got home last night. I was planning to put it in my brag book, around a photo, replacing the one I gave away. Early this morning I decided to mount it and give it to a teddy friend of mine. I am staying with his mum and dad next weekend when I attend a Lace R-XP workshop, so I thought this might be a neat gift. I have made Frank (the teddy) and his mum and dad a bookmark each in the past. This teddy sized hankie seems just the thing to tuck into his Sunday Vest Pocket. I am almost 3/4 of the way around the first row of stitching. Good practice for the next lifesized hankie :)

This is about what it will look like when complete!

We intended to spend some time playing on the hovercraft today but as we got to the beach, the (much needed) rain tumbled down in bucket fulls! It was forecast, but blue skies gave us confidence to go anyway! The good news is that we have found a better launching spot so next time should be fun...and there is no repair work to do meanwhile...yippppeeeeeee!
Hugs til next time :)


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

All three pieces are beautiful! I like the idea of using the beds lace as a picture frame... of course, I'm sure no one will look at the picture, only the lace! I also love the hanky. I imagine a full-sized one would take quite a while!

Guzzisue said...

Beds lace looks so good, please don't glue it to anything, the hanky is simply too cute :-)

Unknown said...

Your letters are coming along nicely! Thanks for the shout out! Oh, BTW they are not "my" lace letters! A lace guild in the LA area did them and had them on display. I just took a photo, LOL!

You're Bedfordshire lace is lovely, too! :)