Monday, March 30, 2009

This and That

Salutations one and all,

First I would like to share some ATCs with you. The top 4 are made from a length of textured ribbon - hand dyed I think by Jane in the UK. Along with my ATC, Jane sent me some wonderful "scrappy bits" and here is what I did with some of them. The tatting is my work, but the 'garden gate' is a piece of machine made lace, the 'flower' hearts are sequins and such. The bottom 2 are left over from my first effort so I thought I would include them again. Hope you like them, and if you would like to trade, you know the drill - just leave a comment :) I have lots of ideas, but as you can see, I am easily distracted :D
I was not as impressed as I thought I would be by my first efforts at needle lace- see However, I am determined not to be beaten by what could eventually be a beautiful form of lace so here is the beginnings of my needle lace scarecrow. I am still working on laying the cordonette? I will keep you posted :)
Here is the completed miniture hankerchief, made especially for my friend Frank. Frank is an antique bear who has the most exciting adventures. He was surprised at receiving such a special gift, but very quickly put it in his vest pocket in case I changed my mind. He was looking forward to school on Monday so he could show his friends his new hankie! I hope they liked it!

These books are my bedtime (and daytime) reading at present. The goal I have set myself is to
learn Bucks Point Lace this year. I am nearly ready to have a go at the basic patterns :) I am also in the process of designing a Penguin School logo using Lace R-XP...the workshop is beginning to pay off already. Porty the Penguin will be crafted by the children who are eager to make a bit of lace, but happy to not have something to take home right now. He will then be displayed along with the lace letters - if I get them all done in time that is as begun in an earlier post :) The Oliver Twist Edging is progressing swiftly...only 11 fans left in the headside! The thread has finally been ordered for my 25 motif challenge project and I have made several centres in preparation.

Enough, enough...I talk too much...thanks for stopping by, hope you found something of interest. BTW I was visiting blogs from my list at the side and found the most wonderful surprise...I will save that story for tomorrow as it is bed time :) Sweet dreams all!


TattingChic said...

It looks like you have been busy! Those look like some great books! :)

Guzzisue said...

you will enjoy the Geraldine Stott book, I have worked quite a few from this one and find her instructions and diagrams very clear. i am still working on an ATc for you, honest! and hopefully now we are getting back to normal I will get it finished :-)

Adriana Ortiz said...

I like the hankerchief you made.
About your present, just click at the picture and save,so you can post it later.


laura_rose said...

Thank you for your lovely comments about my work :) The books are on loan - one from a member and one from our library, but I am learning lots and getting ready to try. My next lot of ATCs should be of interest to you Sue...if there is one you particularly like, just let me know and I will hold on to it/ send it and await in anticipation :)) Renovating with an injury - you are 1 brave lady!! Thanks Adriana - I will try that shortly...I am still so excited I just have not stopped smiling :))

Ellen, aka Singtatter said...

Hi Laura, if you want to trade or exchange more than 1 ATC, I would like no. 6 if it is still available.

laura_rose said...

Thanks Ellen,
Your card is ready to send when I have an address. All that is now left of these cards is the photos. The good news is that I will make some more real soon :)