Friday, September 11, 2009

Fond memories

I have joined Creative Memories as a consultant for scrapbooking and photo storage solutions!
My 2nd challenge is to complete a paper album kit!
(The first is having the patience to wait for my sign-up kit to arrive!!)
The kit I chose from the pile was "Rock Star".
I had thought to add pics of DD, but cannot put my hands on the ones I had in mind.
DS2 has become my focus!
To start the ball rolling, he is pictured with his trombone at a couple of RSL Band events.

Here, he is hamming it up with his cousins at his Great Nan's house.

These pics were taken at Tomahawk at Chhristmas in 2000.

This cheeky young fellow is now 18, and still full of fun and life!!

When the postman kindly delivers my package, I intend adding some text in various forms.

You can see now, why I titled the post "fond memories" :)

Last night, he told me this is a waste of time, but when his children come to visit their Grandma, I am sure they will enjoy seeing their dad when he was young. LOL :)

What do you think??

Now I am going to create a new blog just for this - that way my lace readers can continue to enjoy this blog, with the odd detour, and scrapbookers can click on the link and follow my Creative Memories journey.