Friday, September 18, 2009

A rainbow of possums

It is the last day of the school holidays, and I really don't have much to show for my time!
I have made a length of lace, but cannot share it just yet.
I have almost completed the mounting of my hankie, but again I cannot share.
I have made a test tat of Karin's design motif for the design class, but not sure I should share.
So here is the most recent pic of possums. There is one each for my Joey Scouts as at the end of last term!
Yesterday I handed the reigns over to a new leader and have stepped down to Assistant after 12 years. I am really looking forward to just going along and playing a few games with the children each week, without the planning, paperwork and full responibility!
The next ones will be for the 4 leaders/youth helpers, then I can start on any new Joeys who come along :)
Now I need to go post the motif where it should be and get to work on the drawing program! I am hoping my new Creative Memories Consultants kit will arrive today too!
And I had better do some 4 letter words too :(
Ahhh haaaa! Another short post!! See I can do them ... sometimes :)
Please drop me a line, I love hearing from friends, give someone you love a big hug - just because and stay happy!


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Lovely rainbow! Creative Memories? Is the beginning of a new phase? Sounds interesting!

Isdihara said...

What darling lil' critters! Can't wait to see some of the bits that aren't quite ready for sharing.

You're doing great in the Design-Tat class. I haven't started part 1 of the tutorial on drawing software yet, though I am chomping at the bit to get started! Everyone is zooming ahead while I struggle to keep up.

Do you ever include tatting in your Creative Memories scrapbook pages?

laura_rose said...

Hi Diane, Creative Memories is a new phase ... it is what happens when the Education Department is so crazy one cannot earn a living! See the previous post for a small sample.

Hi Isdihara. The possums are of my students has almost completed one and I fell in love. I've still got to get going on the drawing part, but enjoying the lessons on the whole! I have used tatting and bobbin lace as gifts to friends who do scrapbooking, but the only album I had made until a week ago was on the building of our hovercraft...not quite the right place for lace :)

Clio Addams said...

woohoo. I love creative memories but sadly I already have a consultant. But also Thanks for taking the time last Sat to sit and help this silly old blonde LOL

Tatskool said...

They are a wow, an inspiration for a bobbin lace novice like me. the colours just make them so vibrant.

laura_rose said...

Hi Clio Addams.
Welcome, and Saturday was fun! I was thinking of you today as I did a demonstration at George Town! I really look forward to seeing your progress!

Hi Tatskool,
The colours are compliments of DMC and Anchor Perle 8's. I will fish out the designer tomorrow - 14 hours on my feet today and I am ready for bed! One of my juniors have almost completed one of these and he is wrapt!