Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bobbins, shutles and flames

I really have been busy this week!
I have completed another 10 pages of FIL's Christmas scrapbook...may show you highlights later!
Work and lace classes have beeen full steam ahead (not that I have been getting much lace done there...:)
But evenings have had a little lace content...
Here is the wire lace butterfly I am making for a friend...I want 3 in total.
The design is by Lenka Suchanek.
This bobbin lace hankie is also a Christmas gift...I think I am safe to show you here :)
The design is redrawn from Rosemary Shepherd's Intro to Bobbin Lace book and completed in Perle 8 thread - feels like rope after recent efforts, but the effect is nice.

Next for the shuttles...
2 more installments of Stumpy...the left in my favorite thread for tatting - Lizbeth 20, colour shell, the right in the perle 8 again. These are 25 motif challenge number 21 and 22!

This gorgeous design comes up on Gumnuts occassionally! I finally give it a go and love it!
I can't find the link at the moment, but will wrestle this infernal machine later this evening when the daylight in the shed is not calling so strongly!
The left one is perle 8 and the right Lizbeth 20 threads and tallies 23 and 24 in the 25 motif challenge....just 1 to go!!!!
Yesterday I had my other glass making class! It seemed a looonnnggggg wait between Saturdays, but now I have to wait until May next year!!!
I made 2 beads, some twisties and lots of stringers in class, but there were a few other things demonstrated by the teacher, so I just had to come home and get my workstation organised!
Here are my beads...left to right...made with a twistie at home (love the christmas colours but the green did not do as I thought it would - like the effect anyhow, especially on this second attempt), the original first bead from last week, the first try with the twistie (made in class), the first attempt at adding dots (also made in class), my first attempt at swirling the dots (love this bead!!) and another go at dots made at home.
And the other side of the above!
Finally, I made a twistie at home with more than 2 colours. This was great fun, and I think it is the technique that sounds like it should be a drink first thing in the morning, but I will have to look up the name, and check it first.
Now all I have to do is put my boots on and I can go and play some more! today I want to try a couple of other techniques from class, and make some smaller beads so that I can begin spangling some bobbins with my new beads.
The wire lace is also on the agenda and then some scrapbooking...
Thanks for reading my loonnnggggg post...catch up soon, and don't forget to let me know what you think :)


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

My goodness, you've been busy! Wire lace?! That sounds difficult to me! I love the hanky. Stumpy looks wonderful, and your beads and twisties are fabulous!

Tattingrid said...

Well, everything looks really nice: the beads, the seahorses and still so many plans! And just one more to go for the 25, just like me. Will we see eachother in a next 25 motif challenge???