Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fabric, glass and thread

After completing the single sail squares for DS2's quilt, I started on the next installment...

These "fish" sets are half done now, but here is a small sample...


Yesterday I attended a glass bead making class. The beads are made using flame fueled by a BBQ gas bottle.

We learned lots of safety points, then we each had a go at making a stringer and some frits.

Next, we each made a donut bead. Here is mine! I picked a piece of glass that was constructed of transparent and opaque sections which gives the bead some depth.

I am wearing it on a plaited cotton bracelet at the moment, but it will become a spangle in the near future.

Next week, I will learn how to decorate my beads...til then, there is a looonnngggggggg wait for supplies to arrive so I can make some more of these cool donut beads!
I will soon be able to design some wire lace to decorate my beads!!!!!!!
Finally some threads...
This hankie edge will be a baby bonnet/wedding hankie for my new grand baby due in February.
It is Bucks Point and I will be taking some pins out on Tuesday, so I will show you the design then :)

I also have some more bookmarks for my 25 motif challenge to show you in the next post.

Til then TTFN :)

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Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

The fish sets look cute... can hardly wait to see what this will look like!

Making your own beads!? Wow! I'm impressed! I love beads, but I know that's something I'll never attempt.

A new grandbaby... how wonderful! My nephew and his wife are expecting their first baby end of January. I think I should consider something very special for them. I'm pretty sure it won't be embellished with bobbin lace, though! I'm looking forward to the unveiling!