Saturday, November 6, 2010

A little bit of lace and...

I have now finished my Withof scroll that I started at Yvonne Scheele-Kirkhof's workshop in Melbourne several weekends ago :)
I have taken the picture of both pieces with an Australian dollar to show you the sizing...
maybe I also need to grab a measureing tape?
Let me know what you think...

Next I want to try one of the smaller pieces in her book...Dutch Bobbin Lace Patterns...
I have also been getting on with some quilting. This one is pieced onto card by hand and was introduced to you in this post.
When it is finished, I will be giving it to D.S.2 and his lady...there are 42 of each of 4 different squares. This is the first lot of boats with a single sail...stay posted to see the next batch of completed squares.
A change of pace now...
Every second Monday evening I go to a quilting/sewing/craft group. The ladies are very skilled at machine quilting, and as I can do the hand sewn ones at home, I have been trying my hand at the machine constructed variety.
My first attempt can be seen here...BTW the quilt measures 110 cm (43 inches) square.
Now it is time to get on with a new project?!?!?!???
My gorgeous little grandson turned 1 year old yesterday. Unfortunately I do not get to see him these days, but that does not mean I have forgotten him!
Although this will be very late, I am making him a quilt for his bed.
I have put together the applique pictures featuring wheels...what do you think?

Now they have to be placed on calico backgrounds, stitched and then the quilt can get going.
I will decide next week if I will hand or machine stitch the blanket stitch.
With Christmas coming fast, I had best get back to my many gifts to make so little time!!
Hugs for now...

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Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

The lace is beautiful! I'm not sure how big an Australian dollar is, but if it's the same size as a U.S. dollar, those are some very fine pieces of lace!

The cardboard piecing looks interesting... not sure I have the patience for that! I love the quilt squares for your grandson... never too late, especially for a one-year-old!