Thursday, November 4, 2010

First, I have some wire lace bits.
These are designed by Britt of stitchety grub fame.
The larger design is the main pendant and the smaller is supposed to be the earrings, but I like it as a pendant too.

With the arrival of new colours in the wire today, I can't wait to play :)

Next, I have some more tatted bookmarks.
Bookmark number 18 in the 25 motif challenge is one I have been working on for some time. After starting Sharon's design class, I started experimenting and here is one of the results...I am not entirely happy with it, but there may be a pretty good basic idea hiding in here...somewhere!
Number 19 and 20 are more stumpy's.
Like Diane from lace lovin' librarian, I love this design and have been using up those little bits of thread that are not enough to make something with...I messed up with the one on the right and had to change threads half way through so will probably keep it myself, but I kinda like the effect anyhow.

I will post again over the weekend...I have a pic of my finished Withof pieces and have been busy with some quilting projects. Thanks for letting me share, hope you have found something of interest :)
Hugs for now.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Your wire pieces are very pretty! Of course, Stumpy looks terrific... love the shading!

laura_rose said...

Morning Diane...thanks for sharing stumpy on your becoming one of my favs :)

Stitchety Grub said...

Congrats on your wire lace pieces - so glad to see you carrying on with it ... great job :-) Cheers Britt - (Stitchety Grub :D )

God's Kid said...

I like your designing bookmark. It seems to have it's own charm. I like the colors and the little flowers down the center! :)