Thursday, August 20, 2009

Welcome to my back door

Please allow me to show you a little of my place. Launceston is situated on the Tamar River basin in Northern Tasmania. The South Esk, North Esk and Tamar Rivers all converge in the basin, before going out to sea through the Tamar River valley. Last weekend we experienced the worst floods in over 30 years. I managed to visit "the Gorge" yesterday (Wednesday)afternoon, and whilst it is not as wild as it was on Sunday, the volume of water is still spectacular! This is the scene from Kings Bridge, 5 minutes walk from the CBD.

90% of the time, this area is a gently rambling brooke!
The Alexandra Suspension bridge and the cable chair lift - was the longest span in the Southern Hemisphere (not sure if that is still the case) - are features of our Gorge. On Sunday the water level was above the cement base you can see on the left here! Teenagers often swim in this area in the summertime, despite the constant warnings of flood waters being released from Trevallyn Dam, further up the river.
For those of us too chicken to swim in the river, there are 2 swimming pools in the foreground - the one you can see is a wading pool for toodlers, and the deeper pool is still obscured by the floodwater. To give you an idea of the magnatude of Sunday, the swingset behind the orange barrier on the left only had 4 inches of poles showing in the weekend newspaper!
On the way out, I stopped and took 2 photos about 400 meters from Kings Bridge. This one is facing East back into the reserve.
And to the west, you can see the CBD. The Myer building is the 'high-rise' just to the left of the tree, and the old Post Office Clock tower can be seen to the right. This is the middle of town and less than 10 minutes walk away!
From the base of the new bridge - built to handle the increased volumes of traffic in the area in the late 60s I think - this pic shows just how close suburbia is to the Gorge! These homes have fabulous views of the Tamar Valley to the north, the industrial area on the eastern bank and the city. Most of these homes are colonial, but behind them are some rather beautiful modern houses too.
Hope you enjoyed my tour :) Please come again, and hopfully I will have some lace to show you! Don't forget to let me know what you think in the comments ... I love letters from friends :)
Happy days

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back on line :)

Hi All,

My 'puter went on a little holiday ... even machinery feels overworked sometimes, and the box kept going to bed :( But all is well ... a week with the repair man and 'tis a happy chappy again.

Meanwhile, the postie was busy.
This gorgeous ATC travelled from Jackie Ellison in Harwick.
I *love* all things oriental so this is simply perfect for me :)
Thank you Jackie!
In November, I am going to be a grandma (or maybe a Nanna ... will have to ask :))
Here is the first crotcheted square of a cot cover ... it already has 5 brothers and sisters to go with it, but I downloaded the pics before taking a family shot.
I am using a Twilleys mercerised cotton in pale yellow - a little more colour that the pic shows.
Not my usual kind of lace, but this design works up very nicely. The pattern is from an old Engligh craft magazine that my Great Aunt used to subscribe to. Unfortunately, I was unable to rescue the magazines when she downsized, but was able to get a copy of this pattern about 15 years ago.
And finally for today...
Motif 11 and 12 for the 25 motif challenge ... nearly half way!

Again, I have used DMC Perle with verigated and solid colour threads ... I just love the colour combinations!
There are plenty of "extra" bits, begging to be stitched onto some ATCs and the length is the first piece of 'homework' for the on-line tat design class I am taking.
Speaking of which, I need to post my lesson 2 and 3 homework!
Have been out and about with the baby hovercraft today - lots of great fun for the kids!
Don't forget to grop a line before you go, and make the most of every day! Let those you love know you care!