Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another pillow

The Beds edging has made a little more progress, 

The doll length has a target - a whopping 3 meters minimum!! It is currently hovering at a tad over 40 cm...

My other project has made a little progress, and I am almost at the "I think I know what I'm doing" stage!!

So....I started another project today :)

I will be heading North in October to attend the Australian Lace Guild conference week.  I have made a couple of skirts and aim to be able to wear lace each day at the conference.

Here is a butterfly - I intend to stitch it to a top to wear with one of my new skirts :)

The thread is Moriva Linen 40/2.  The pattern comes from a Bridgitte Bellon book - mental note to self...when borrowing books from the library  write the reference on the pricking copy!!

Ok, I NEVER have 4 pillows on the go at once...I swear I have been invaded by aliens...but I am enjoying the variety!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

What's on my pillow?

This was one of the past year's projects...I used Bokens Linen to make a length...maybe I will stitch it to a towel one day...
 This is a close up of the finished lace.
 I currently have 3 pillows in use.  Number 1 cannot be shared just yet.

This is the only piece of lace to ever grace my pillow for more than a year! 

It is not hard.

I love making Tallies and leaves.

There is simply not enough time in each day to get to this one :(
But I have made 3 flowers this week, so there is finally a little progress...and it is over half way now :)

The winter sun shining through the window also makes it the best spot in the house :)
 This is my take-with-me piece.
I am using my travel pillow, although there are really too many bobbins on the pillow.
I am using up scraps of cotton as the colour will make no difference in the finished lace.
 I made the purple piece several years ago, and had no idea what I was going to do with it.

One of my new students does lace drapped dolls, and told me she wanted to make her lace to burn.
At first I admit I was surprised, and after mentioning the amount of time spent making the lace, I decided each to their own...after all it was her time and her lace!

Then I saw her dolls!!
I thought the purple length would be perfect, but there is not enough of it.

I am looking forward to November, when I will be starting to construct my doll!

Check back later for progress reports :)