Thursday, January 14, 2010

Here is the restart to my Beds mat (I don't think I will turn it into a ring pillow).
I have now used Finca 80 and like it much better.
This is 1.1 meters of the bucks point trim I have made for my grandson, Travis. Now I have to mount it onto a hankie, make it into a bonnet and then print up the verse and instructions.
I am not sure if Beds or Bucks is going to be my most favorite lace - I love them both!
Hooray, hooray - motifs 23, 24 and 25! They were completed on Boxing Day, and looked fabulous after they were blocked, but that pic did not work and will not be manipulated :(

My Mousey pin cushion was happy too - now I could get back to bobbin lace :)

Last weekend, we took Wind Dancer out for a run - (lots of) friends came along and LOML panicked that Wind Dancer would not behave herself.

4 1/2 hours and a dozen trips up the beach proved that Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!
The cost - just 2 small tears in the skirt - 1 at the front and 1 at the back! Yayyyyyy!!!!!!!
My Lizbeth mat is almost finished - yes, no more rounds to go! Pic soon :)
Now I am off to play wth my Storybook - they are on special for January - 20% off!!
And a party tonight too!!

Drop a comment, before you go, I love reading what my bloggy friends think.

Hugs, hugs and more hugs

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I hope that this year will be everything you want it to be!
Here is a pic of the completed fan, mounted on sticks and sunning itself in the pansies.
I have to admit that I am charmed at the end result, and the recipient was happy too.
25 motif challenge
We will call this one no 19 - sorry about the photo - camera is not happy at the moment :(
(actually completed Christmas morning at its new home - phew, I leave things til the last minute!)
Numbers 20, 21 and 22

Numbers 23, 24 and 25 are complete, but photo is not recognisable, so will try again later.
Now for the New Year Project!
My aim this Summer is to make the ring pillow (lessons 7-10) from Barbara Underwood's Floral Beds in 20 Lessons book.
I hope it is not true that what starts the new year will continue as I cut this off this morning!
I started it a couple of days ago in finca 60 (labelled as equivellent to tanne 50 as called for in the pattern), but having unpinned the first repeat this morning, and wanting to complete the whole pillow, I think I will like it much better in finca 80. Life is just too short to make the whole thing in a thread I am not happy with!
Hmmmm...shades of Barbara's workshop there as the same thing happened - lesson not learned!
While waiting for pics to download, I made the first ring on the final round of the Lizbeth doily, and have now cut that off too :(
I am going to go focus on the first pattern repeat on the tatting, then wind bobbins and start the ring pillow again! There WILL be progress today!!
Happy New Year everyone, thanks for the friendship and kind words throughout 2009, and I really look forward to the continued friendships and sharing in 2010.