Monday, May 30, 2011


As I don't seem to be able to settle to anything at the moment, I have put my big project aside for a while. One of my new students co-ordinates a craft group at her church and asked me if I would teach some ladies how to make lace. After looking in my samples book, I thought I had better make a piece of each of the projects I intend to share with this group.

Here is my bookmark - project 3. The one on the right is as I will be teaching it.
The one on the left shows some of the many variations that a little experience could come up with. The diamonds include cloth or whole stitch, half stitch, cloth and twist and a compound spider variations. The grounds include torchon (ct pin ct), simple rose (ct throughout), double torchon (ctct pin ctct), twisted torchon (ctt pin ct), honecombe and finally, dieppe ground (ct pin ctt). I originally designed the bookmark to develop the skills of one of my school students as she worked up to making a fan.

Speaking of fans, I made the lace for this one around Christmas time. It is made with Gutterman's quilting thread, which is stiff and maybe a tad thick for this pricking. I was not that happy with it. On Friday evening, I had trouble settling to anything, and after filling the coffee table with my crocheting, knitting, cross stitch, pricking book and computer, LOML finally growled at me to just sit a while! Not happy with that, I decided to mount the fan.
I am very glad I did!! I love how nice fan sticks can lift a piece of lace.

Next post I will show you the remainder of my 25 tatted complete, but for 4 ends to sew in...

I will also show you the progress made on one of my paper piecing quilts :)

Til then, happy lacemaking,

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A frog and wire.

One of my bobbin lace students collects frogs. The pattern has elluded me once again - I found it this afternoon with the frog hiding inside after searching for the past 5 weeks!!

He is made from Milford Mercer thread in size 20 - colours ombre green (the verigated and much nicer in real life) and holiday green.

Again the scan is not great but this wire lace piece is THE pattern that attracted me to wire in the first place. One of our local lace makers had a copper coloured piece mounted on black velvet as a choker and it looks stunning.

I intend to mount this on velvet too, but wore it at the Tasmanian Craft and Quilt Fair last weekend in my hair - alice band style. The pattern is from Barbara Underwood's Bedfordshire Lace in 20 Lessons book.

Short and sweet this weekend. Lots happening but not much to share yet.

Hugs til next time, til then, I look forward to hearing what you think. Stay safe and have fun :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

More of my 25 motifs

Number 17...a little celtic twist.

Number 18...
Number 19 (just a note...looks great in 2 colours, but I'm afraid you will have to wait to see that)
I like the josephine knots, but have not found a lot of patterns using them.

Number 20...not sure about this one, but it also has not worked as I had in mind...may have another go at the idea and see what happens.

And number 21. This is done in a single round and has an interesting twist.

There has been many things on the go this past few weeks. Some will be able to be shared later on, but for now, please enjoy the rare offerings I can show you. Don't forget to share your thoughts before you go...your support is always appreciated.

Happy lace making and warmest regards from cold, cold Northern Tasmania.