Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crafty post

This lap-weaving rug was made by my Great Uncle in 1946-7. He made a pink one and a blue one. My Mum and her cousin were born on the same day, but he found out about Auntie Helen before mum, so she got the pink one. Mum got this blue one. After mum (and probably my uncles) used it, I used it as a dolls cot cover as a child. After a discussion on Gumlace (the Australian Email ring for lace makers) I remembered and unearthed it. As you can see it is showing it's age, but I still can picture my Uncle's active hands, salty tobacco smell and rich warm voice ringing through my childhood memories.
Above is the wrong side of the cot throw and below is the top side.
This is even less lacey, but I was given 2 such kits for my birthday. They are both Mill Hill Tiny Treasure Diamonds - this one titled Holiday Cardinal. It was quick and easy on an evening where I just wanted to chill!
My wire lace project is now completed! I love this design and it was great to make. Now I am going to try designing a couple of my own patterns :) I have also aquired a couple of patterns from another designer - so watch this space :) This one is 'Paduan' by Britt Fairchild of Stitchetty Grub fame...

This is one of my current projects. Not really sure where the pattern came from, but 3 of my lace group are in the process of making this fan. I am using Guttermans quilting thread, but think it should have been a tad finer...non the less, I am happy with the result. Now I have to have it completed in the next 2 weeks so I can scan it and take the pricking and scan to our Lace Retreat to order the sticks from John Beswick of Torchon House.

Despite my highlighting my Barbara Fay catalogue in bright pink highlighter, including the ordering process, then opening the computer to the appropriate page, LOML did not order the lower book for my birthday :(
But, with an extra universal cash voucher from DSIL, when the newsletter arrived, I was able to order both the desired book AND the new Cluny de Brioude book Yay!!!!!!!!!!!
I guess it is no secret that I love Beds/Cluny lace for those who have followed my blog.
I just can't wait to get into these books - but where to start?!?!

Finally, this was the view from our Lace meeting place on Saturday. The snow on Mount Barrow is not as stunning in the picture, but it was rather lovely on Saturday, with the crisp blue sky making a beautiful backdrop. While the snow stays that far away, I am totally happy. Mount Barrow usually only gets a smattering of snow a couple of times a year, usually in early September. Ben Lomond is our "famous" ski mountain, with great views from the other end of the city.