Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Some lace at last!

But first, let's take a peek at what is happening in the shed! 
This is what Colin has been playing with over the past few months :)
This machine does not like straight driving and I must admit, it is a lot of fun...
 I have finally sorted my new 4 jaw chuck, upped the revs on my lathe (although still a ways to go according to the bobbin experts) and had a play today.
I think the wood is Blackwood...lovely and dark!  The smallish blanks were given to me a couple of years ago, but the first piece just turned away to nothing, so I put the rest away.
These are traveller sized bobbins and will look great on my travel pillow...another pair to make, then I can get on with some requests!
And I have also been busy with the beads!
Some of these ones are spoken for, and I still have 1 more request to play is in the too hard basket at the moment, but over the weekend, I will give it 1 more try!
Once they are fired, some of these beads will become divider pins, some will adorn key rings and a few may even wind up as spangles!
 Ok, is the promised lace :)
The pattern was published a few years ago in Australian Lace...
The yarn is Misty Alpaca...
The lace was started by a retired lace maker, and I "inherited" it at the is making some good progress, but I really need to get back to the 'other' piece!
 Thanks for stopping by, warm hugs :)