Monday, November 24, 2014

A little creative flare

With all our spare time, and a little healing, the creativity has finally visited our house again.
Colin has become well enough to play in the shed for a couple of hours at a time.
Although things that used to be second nature are now a big struggle, he has managed to construct this "surprise" plant Ferris Wheel for our garden from some of the 'junk' in our back yard.
It really does look even better in real life, and I will always treasure it!
 Overall, the garden is really looking a treat, despite the weeds trying to take over!
 And while Colin has been working, I have too.
After my stint on the lathe making bobbins, I have finally ordered my own kiln to anneal my beads.  It will be here around Christmas time and I cannot wait.
This has inspired me to play at the torch once again.
With my new marver, I am really happy with the more consistent sizing of the divider pin heads and I have actually enjoyed making several 'batches' of similar beads...there are 11 dot beads not pictured here from my work this afternoon, as well as the lovely lilac frit beads top left in this photo.
 Here are the 'new' snails, inspired by the prep work on the hedgehogs the day before.
It is not often a new idea works so well the first time, so I am delighted.

Thanks for your time to read this far, and hope you enjoy.
Maybe some lace next time....