Monday, October 7, 2013

My latest project

The thread is a mixed bunch, purchased in a single ball - it is called Bohemian in Orange!
I did need to add a few more bobbins, so there are some cream/white in the mix.

 this book is the source of the idea and pattern.
Short and sweet :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Our Wedding Day

Just thought I would share a few images from our Wedding Day on the 22nd September...not sure what was going on with the camera date thingy...we figure it is Colin's mum saying hi (the date shown was her birthday after all)

 The lace is made from the handspun I showed in an earlier post.
The little Honiton bee was made by Jacqui of Larkholme Lace in the U.K.
The necklace was made by a friend from our local craft group.
 The garter was made by around 15 different local lace makers from a Louise Colgan design.
 The Wedding Party with Dear Son (behind) showering us with bubbles.
 The wedding cake decoration...
A local resident of Tranquillity Gardens, popping in to add his congratulations...
 Colin's Grand daughter enjoying the balloons...
 The Bride and Groom...
 The signing table flowers.
 Looking North over the Tamar Valley 
and South towards Launceston (my Grandson thinks this is a view of "the whole world" lol)
The T Model that transported the bridal party.

A wonderful day was had by all, and we followed up with the most awesome 8 days on the big island.  May share some pics when I download the 3 cameras.

Now back to some lace for me :)

Hugs to all, thanks for visiting...don't forget to drop a line in the comments...