Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Ever had one of those days where you were sure had done something, only to find you hadn't?
I told my future DIL to look on here for pics of the quilt I am making for her baby!

Unfortunately they were still in my photo program...waiting to be uploaded!

Sorry Kat!

Here is the centre square with embroidery completed!

Last night at Quilting, I actually completed the ditch stitching to join the cover, middle and backing!

I also told Kat that her baby lace was on site :(

So now it is!
This piece will be mounted to make a Christening bonnet/wedding hankie.

I have another heart pattern whick will be made to decorate the christening gown - last worn by "the Peanut's" daddy some 22 years ago.
The pattern is from Lace For 10 Pairs.
Hope you like, don't forget to leave a comment before you go!
Check in soon as tomorrow I begin a 4 day workshop making Bucks Point lace...so back to making prickings and winding bobbins :)