Sunday, February 9, 2014

Catching up

First things first!  This spider has made her home at my daughter's front she wants to know what kind if spider and is it a nasty?  We live in Northern Tasmania, and she is near the bush.
 Doll number 4 is making progress.  All I need to do is add some lace to tidy up the shoulder then she will be ready to fire :)  Working in the heat yesterday was not much fun, so I hope she fires ok.  I did not make the lace for this one...but I am working on the lace for 1 down the track...
 I found this style of sleeve a real challenge, but the rest has been a lot of fun...I just hope the fabric sections work better this time!
 My gorgeous grandson starts big school this week.  Last week, we went shopping for his little brother's birthday and discovered that drink spiders are very yummy, and he is the perfect gentleman (only when he goes out with grandma though!  This pirate is his home id LOL).
His mum asked about a library bag, and when I told her I had bought some fabric ages ago, I was asked to make a library bag :)  The back is the same as the edge fabric! Hope he likes it LOL
 Finally, we have been discussing bobbins on the Australian Email ring I am a member of.
I promise some pics, so here they are...
These are all my own bobbins, spangled with my own beads.  There is Huon pine, Blackwood, Jarrah, Tas Hardwood and Silky oak.  My first bobbin (and bead) is the Huon pine bobbin 7th from the right on the bottom row...the yellow bead was the first bead I made.
 Here are some more of my own bobbins, but they do not have my beads on them as yet.
Colin made me the very top left is the only bobbin he has made, and calls it a cricket bat.  I made the one on the right to go with it and the pair make the best ever gimp bobbins.
These are my bead tile bobbins.  The top 4 bobbins were made by David Potter, a Tasmanian bobbin maker.  I made the bottom 4 bobbins.  The very top pair have the first tiles I made with the teacher.
I designed the other sets of tiles.
 Here are the other tiles, ready for the bobbins...when I get around to making/purchasing them...
The teacher provided the patterns for the top row and the pair on the right of the 2nd row. 
The rest are my designs...including the special ones to celebrate my engagement in February last year :)
 And here is a size comparison for you :)
If you have made it this far, thank you for stopping by.  I hope your neck of the woods is fair weather (or lots of lovely lace time) and good health...please drop a comment in the box before you go as I love to see what you think too.
Hugs til next time...may your threads never break and your pins never bend...