Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Dear friends,
Please allow me to share some treasures with you.
Here are Quanti snowflakes number 6 (with a new edge), 7, 8 and 9 toward the 25 motif challenge! The blue, white and gold combos are cotton and candlelight metallics. The green is perle 8 reel left overs.

Porty is also making progress! The children at school will be pleased to see he now has a beak and will soon have eyes. It will then be up to them to complete the right flipper, body and filling. He has an appointment for the 7th of August, but I will only be at the school on Fridays so I hope he makes it!

On Saturday, the calender ticked over another year for me :)
Apart from the usual (and very yummy) chocolates and meal out - counter meal at the local pub - the best in Lonnie for sure :) and text messages from a couple of my children, here are the treasures that came my way. LOML bought me the Pandora style bracelet - he knows I love these, and as I helped him pick a plain bracelet for his DD's birthday a month or so ago, he decided I could have the same :) The book is from his sister and family. She decided to have a change from lace books this year, but I am not complaining :)
So, after a rummage through the markets over the weekend I had enough materials to go to work!
Here is lesson 1 x 2 from the above book!
And up close!
The next lesson is my signature rose - I am really looking forward to that one!!
Also at the markets I found this pair of bobbins. The Wood Turners Guild of Tasmania meet at the Exeter Showgrounds and coincide with the local market. Members demonstrate the skill of wood turning throughout the day, and each turner may sell items to the public. There was a lovely bucket full of bobbins, but I fell in love with these ones! After some discussion, I found the gent who made the bobbins and he showed me how to make the loose rings. Our conversation was very interesting, and I was invited to go back, maybe join the Guild and get some more tips for my bobbin making :)

That's enough waffle from me! Thank you for reading, and don't forget to share your thoughts too. I love reading what my bloggy friends have to say!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rainy holidays

Welcome friends,
As the rain falls and the temps drop for the school holidays, the lace grows :) Here are 2 more samples of bucks point lace. The bottom one is called sheeps head, but LOML and I think it looks more like an alien face - must be our Star Trek influence coming through LOL. The top design is honeycombe rings. I love this design, but still need to practice. I think I will fully wind some bobbins and make a worthwhile length - I do have a great excuse, but best not share at the moment :)
Last post I promised to show you my hardanger, so here 'tis! We had a workshop at our last Lace Day and I had to have a go, although I have not really aspired to this form of needlework. I have actually enjoyed this piece so far and am thinking about a larger sampler. The next step on this piece is the cutwork, but I will wait til the next meeting before tackling that.
The Lisbeth doily is also growing quickly. There is a small problem - I don't have enough thread to do the last round :(

What to do, what to do???

Order more of the same shade and hope they are very close, or use a different colour or leave it at the end of this round? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Leave a comment and let me know what you think :) And keep watching to find out what is decided :) Stay warm (or cool) til next time.