Monday, February 15, 2010

And the winner is...

Hmmmmm...only 4 comments :(
I am glad you enjoy my blog, and the projects I post about Tatting Chic and Vanessa!
But I *Don't* want to cause migraines!! They are soo awful and debilitating!
Let me tell you there are a staggering 133 220 knots in this piece!
(rings x knots per ring + chains x knots per chain x 2 {as there are 2 knots in each ds of course!})
Diane, so glad you jumped in with a stab in the dark, but 927 rings is maybe about where I should have finished the mat!!
Welcome Veronica! Your guess was actually pretty close at 1 550 rings!
There are a grand total of 1 696 rings in the Lizbeth mat!
It took almost 12 months to make and the best part of 2 reels of thread.
The design came from Tatting Doilies and Edgings, edited by Rita Weiss - one of my favorite tatting books :)
As I intended to give away 2 bookmarks, there is one each for Diane and Veronica!
I will sort out the packages and get them ready to go by the end of the week.
Congratulations Ladies :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A new Challenge

I feel I have wasted a lot of opportunities to make bobbin lace this summer, but despite the ribbings for going to work with LOML, I have managed to get quite a lot of tatting done while rattling around in Dobbin the Garbage Truck!
1st of all, here is my Lizbeth mat ...
what do you call a 'mat' that is 50 cm (or 20 inches) wide??
Someone in an earlier post suggested I have a give away for the person who could guess the number of rings in this project.
Last night, LOML enquired as to how many knots?!?!?
I worked out both!
Me thinks I have too much time on my hands and it is definately time to go back to work,
but if you too have too much time on your hands, or just wish to hazard a guess
- go for it in the comments section!
Ok, so what will I give away?
Let me think about it for a few minutes!
As I completed 25 snowflakes for the 25 motif challenge in 2009,
and Sharon *did* drop by and throw out the challenge again, how could I resist?!?
Soooo, this time, definately not 25 of the same pattern!
Bookmarks! I LOVE bookmarks!!
Lets go!
Number 1 - Using Coats 40 crotchet thread in ecru -
design adapted from Tatting in Lace by Mary Konior

Left to right - All using Lizbeth 20 in Country Turquiose Lt -
Number 2 and 3- Adapted from The Complete Book of tatting by Rebecca Jones,
Number 4 - Adapted from Tatting in Lace by Mary Konior
Numbers 5 and 6 - using DMC 20 Cordonnet Special
These are joined motifs from the book Tatting by Myra Piper.
I finally got there Diane - a beautiful book with many more designs to play with :)
Finally, Number 7!
Lizbeth 20 thread in Mocha and another Myra Piper design.

Number 8 is on the way!

Do you like them?

What if I include 1 of these bookmarks in the give away?

February 14th is a sweet day, soooo
leave a comment stating an estimate of rings or knots. The closest guess posted for either catagory will win a bookmark of choice and a mystery prize :)