Sunday, March 30, 2014

Doll update

Although I have been busy making beads, bobbins and lace, there is not much to share in that department at the moment...
Here is an update on Heidi, the milk maid...
Fired and glazed she is making progress and looks better that the previous effort...
 I'm still not that keen on the dip and strip method...much prefer lace!
 As I am the only student at the moment, I have been working on doll number 5 at the same time.
 This elegant lady has been a real challenge, but my teacher is rather impressed....
Soooooooo much to learn and soooo little time!
She is in the kiln, ready to be fired, so next visit will see the colour and time to pick a name!
 Heidi has her first coat of paint...still want to add some Mother of Pearl lustre before she is fired again, but she is starting to come to life :) 
I do promise that lace is progressing well...after a misfortunate run in with the scissors!
I have the bobbins wound for several projects, but finding the time to play with the bobbins these days is a little more tricky that it used to be.
Hugs to all...and thanks for stopping by :)