Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Starts and finishes

Here are the bobbins from Christmas time, finally spangled and ready to use.
The first pair are handmade, with a beaded ring, next are the 10th anniversary Gumnut bobbins, next, my Christmas gift to me from Acorn Bobbins and the final 3 pairs are the last of my bobbin of the month plain bone bobbins from Acorn Bobbins.
 Here is my latest project, coming along very nicely.  The bobbins are all my beginners, some painted, some stained, some with thread wrapping and some are left plain.  the thread is 60/2 linen with a splash of 40/2 linen colour and the pattern is from Torchon Lace by Else Marie Bjerregaard.  It will be a house warming gift for Colin's son and daughter in law when finished.
 Here is my completed hardanger setting...hmmmm just noticed the camera date is still out - I took the pictures today!  Although it has been finished for a while now, just had to get the camera out.
 This is what the table will look like when I find a night without the boarders to have our romantic meal...thinking roast lamb with fresh garden beans, cauliflower and carrots and roasted potatoes, with my self saucing chocolate pudding and ice cream for dessert....All Colin's favourites LOL
Last night I finally got my tatting box out and sorted through the knots, threads, bits of tatting and jumble of shuttles.  I think it is time to get a couple of PHDs out and start tatting again!
I hope 2015 is everything you wish it to be, and look forward to hearing from my blogging friends often :)


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I was just going through my bobbin basket the other day and thinking that it was time to make some more lace... all I need is time! I love your bobbins!

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

I don't know where my comment went but it poofed. I love Hardanger embroidery and have done some. I also make bobbin lace and I am painting Valentine Day themed bobbins that I will be selling.

Unknown said...

Your work is gorgeous, and the table setting lovely

laura_rose said...

Thank you ladies :) No idea where your comment went Sherry...the mysteries of computers!!